Wednesday, April 17, 2019

IBM stock slips after revenue shortfall | CNBC

I'm old enough to remember when IBM was a hardware company...
"IBM has changed its reporting structure for the first-quarter earnings report. The company no longer has a Technology Services & Cloud Platforms segment. Now it has Cloud & Cognitive Software and Global Technology Services business segments. The company’s consolidated results are unchanged.

IBM’s Global Technology Services segment, the biggest segment in the new reporting structure, produced revenue of $6.88 billion, down 7 percent year over year. It includes infrastructure and cloud services, along with technology support services.

The Cloud & Cognitive Software segment -- which contains cognitive applications, cloud and data platforms and transaction processing platforms -- came out to $5.04 billion in revenue, down 1.5 percent."
The new segment structure (from IBM's 1Q 2019 Earnings presentation [pdf]):
IBM stock slips after revenue shortfall | CNBC

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Carl said...

I’m old enough to remember when IBM put the customer and employee before the share holder. Get the first two right and the results will keep shareholders happy.