Monday, November 05, 2007

Google Unveils Cellphone Alliance -

Maybe Google should package all their recent "open" stuff  together and call it "Open Promise," as in they promise to deliver something, someday, but at the moment the details are still a bit open...  In the meantime it's interesting to see which vendors are willing to trade potential future power transfusions to Google for daily press release references -- sort of reminds me of the glory days of Netscape...

The company's announcement could prove a short-term disappointment for consumers who were eager for more details – and photos – of what some have termed the "Google Phone" or the "Gphone." The company didn't announce the creation of any single Google-powered device or show what one would look like. Indeed, it said it would take until the second half of 2008 before phones based on the Android platform come to market.

The initiative is a sign of Google's frustration with the way the cellphone industry works. Carriers and handset makers control what services customers can access and use operating systems that sometimes restrict software developers from accessing information like a user's Global Positioning System location, contact list or Web browsing. Google and its partners hope to spur greater innovation in areas like location-aware services and social networking, and to make cellphones more like the Web. The companies said they would release a set of tools for developers next week.

Google Unveils Cellphone Alliance -

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