Thursday, November 29, 2007

Microsoft Challenges the iPod (Again) - New York Times

Timely reality check -- see the full article for details.

The bottom line: the iPod is still a more versatile, compact and beautiful machine. But the Zune has come a long way in very little time. Already, its potential audience is no longer limited to a sect of irrational Apple haters. It’s now a candidate for anyone who values its unique powers — excellent built-in FM radio, scratchproof case and wireless auto-synching — more than they value the richness and choice of the iPod universe.

BTW the brown Zune is no longer in the top 5 on Amazon's best-selling electronics list -- mostly, I assume, because the price is higher than it was last week (it was #1, pre-Kindle, when discounted 55%; now it's #24, discounted 13%)

Microsoft Challenges the iPod (Again) - New York Times

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