Friday, November 30, 2007

Facebook Seeks Removal Of Documents From Web -

Not likely to make new friends with this kind of action, and, of course, the move will only make the documents more visible...

Early yesterday, Facebook's lawyers notified 02138, an independent magazine geared at Harvard alumni, of two separate emergency motions seeking the removal of the documents from its online edition.


This week, 02138 published an article detailing the legal dispute, along with several court documents, including Mr. Zuckerberg's college application and excerpts from his personal online journal.

Facebook contends the documents were sealed by the court. "We filed the motions to let the court know that its orders were being violated," said Brandee Barker, a Facebook spokeswoman. "One reason the court ordered certain documents' protection was to prevent exactly what has happened: misusing documents and taking documents out of context to sling mud."

Facebook Seeks Removal Of Documents From Web -

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