Friday, November 09, 2007

PC World - Web Presentation Apps: Glide Outshines Google

Ran across this in the dead-tree version of PC World

Google's new presentation software, touted as a Web-based alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint, is an easy-to-use product with a nifty interface and impressive collaboration features, but its omission of several important functions makes it a runner-up to Transmedia's Web-based application, Glide Presenter 2.0.

Hadn't heard of Transmedia before; from their web site (About Us page):

TransMedia is leading the emergence of rights and identity based, compatible and integrated multipurpose software and services for corporations and consumers. TransMedia’s device and network neutral solutions replace many single purpose software applications and web services enabling people to simplify and consolidate their digital lives. TransMedia’s goal is to advance Digital Human Interaction (DHI) by building integration deep in the core of the company’s multipurpose applications and optimizing compatibility between people -- supporting non-linear user impulses and actions and transcending technical and geographic boundaries. A culture of compatibility and integration empowers people to unleash the potential of technology in their personal lives and communities with mobile personal and social computing.


PC World - Web Presentation Apps: Glide Outshines Google

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