Friday, November 09, 2007

Server OS Numbers at Issue

Interesting snapshot from eWeek:

During the past few fiscal quarters, Margaret Lewis has seen an interesting trend in the server space: Windows is garnering a greater share of the market, while growth in Linux systems appears to be slowing.

Lewis, director of commercial solutions at chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, said that in 2000, Windows constituted about half the server operating system market, followed by Unix and NetWare at about 17 percent each and Linux at about 10 percent. Today, Windows owns about 70 percent and Linux about 20 percent, with Unix below 10 percent and NetWare barely registering.

Meanwhile, in InformationWeek, an article titled "Mac Servers in a Windows World?"; an excerpt:

Apple says it wants to make Leopard a viable option for smaller companies and workgroups in larger organizations. To that end, the Leopard development team significantly overhauled OS X's mail server, named Mail. Leopard improves the client interface and offers ClamAV, SpamAssassin, and SSL/TLS to boost security on the server end. Setup and configuration are fairly straightforward when integrated with Apple's native Open Directory and LDAP, and Apple's directory services can mimic an NT domain controller via Samba 3 for Windows clients, and/or connect to an existing Windows Active Directory.

Interesting times.

BTW it's getting harder to blog articles I run across in dead-tree pubs; I had to use Google to find the eWeek article after the search service at failed (as in error message, not just useless search results), and the InformationWeek reporters used different titles for the same article, in their print and on-line versions (the title of the Leopard Server article in the print version is "Leopard Server A Sexy Beast"; as you can probably imagine, I was apprehensive about searching Google for that phrase, after not finding it on the InformationWeek site...).

Server OS Numbers at Issue

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