Thursday, November 15, 2007

Microsoft Communication Services from Comcast: Q&A

More on the Microsoft/Comcast offering for SMBs

PressPass: How significant is this partnership for Microsoft? 

O’Hara: This deal is important to Microsoft for in a number of ways.   Comcast is the second-largest broadband provider in the United States and is aggressively pushing itself as a provider of business services for SMBs. That they selected Microsoft as the basis for their offering is a strong endorsement of the strides we’ve made over the past several years in working with service providers.

It’s also a great real-world example of the software plus services vision coming to fruition.  While having Exchange Server and SharePoint Server on-premise works great for many businesses, it’s clearly not an ideal model for small businesses.  Working with valuable partners such as Comcast to extend Microsoft applications to a wider audience and meet the needs of small businesses is a win-win-win.  Both Microsoft and Comcast reach new customers, while small business owners get access to tools that can help improve their businesses.

Microsoft Communication Services from Comcast: Q&A: Michael O’Hara, general manager of Microsoft Communications Sector, discusses a new suite of services from Comcast that delivers powerful productivity applications to small and medium businesses.

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