Sunday, November 11, 2007

FAQ - Oracle Wiki

Oracle launches a wiki -- via Mike Gotta, with whom I agree that Oracle is perhaps "... the most interesting dark horse in the race regarding Enterprise 2.0".   The Oracle wiki is hosted by Wetpaint, an impressive hosted wiki++ service provider.

Excerpt from the Oracle Wiki FAQ:

1. What is the Oracle Wiki?
Oracle is providing this wiki so that customers and partners (and anyone else interested in Oracle) can collaboratively create and share content that is helpful to the community at large--whether installation guides and tips, project documentation, technical notes, or anything else (appropriate) that captures your imagination.

2. What isn't the Oracle Wiki?

The Oracle Wiki is not a platform for political views/opinions or shameless self-promotion (get a blog for that). It's not a bulletin board or Q&A forum (see a discussion forum for that). And it's not a place to seek or obtain support (visit MetaLink for that). (See the Rules of Conduct for more details.)

FAQ - Oracle Wiki

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