Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check: some changes ahead

I'm going to make some changes to my blogging routine.

My blog has been mostly a basic news filter for the last ~8 years. My first Blogger post was 1999/10/27, although the archive on this blog site only goes back to 2002/03 (I cycled through a couple other service providers before shifting to Blogger's blogspot).

I'm going to continue with the news filter routine, but I'm also going to start adding more original content here and at the Burton Group Collaboration and Content Strategies blog. I've got a lot of opinions about hypertext, content/data modeling, DBMS + XML, XQuery, and other topics, and I plan to block more time to share my perspectives -- and to hopefully foster constructive discussion.

I'll also be sharing more impressions about vendor briefings and industry events I'm involved with in industry analyst mode; stay tuned :)...

Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check: some changes ahead


Anonymous said...

I look forward to this!

Ed Brill said...

Your insights are appreciated ... in any and all forms :-)

pbokelly said...

Thanks, guys!