Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Microsoft's 'Halo 3' Game Meets Approval of Critics - WSJ.com

 Timely reality check for Sony

Over the weekend, reviews of "Halo 3" began to surface. So far, the game has garnered a score of 96 on Metacritic, a site that blends game reviews from multiple sources into a single score.

With that rating, "Halo 3" tops almost all videogames released this year with the exception of "Bioshock" -- another title for the Xbox 360, from Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., that scored a 96 rating.


The high scores of "Halo 3" help give the Xbox 360 an advantage over the rival PlayStation 3 from Sony Corp. That console, which has been on the market less than a year, has so far fallen short of high expectations, in part because of a high price tag and the lack of compelling game titles. The highest Metacritic score for an exclusive PS3 game to date is 86, given to "Resistance: Fall of Man," published by Sony.

Microsoft's 'Halo 3' Game Meets Approval of Critics - WSJ.com

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