Thursday, September 20, 2007

ABC's AOL Pact Marks Web's Growing TV Allure -

 It's a shame there are so few shows worth watching these days, with all of these convenient viewing options...

Walt Disney Co.'s ABC became the latest major network to strike a deal with AOL allowing its full-length prime-time shows to be available free on the Time Warner Inc.-owned portal.

ABC shows will be available on AOL starting today, a few weeks before NBC Universal and News Corp.'s Fox are expected to launch their jointly owned online venture Hulu, which will make NBC and Fox programs available on several major Web portals including AOL. CBS shows are already available on AOL. CBS is a unit of CBS Corp.; NBC is a unit of General Electric Co.


As part of the deal, ABC will use "geo-targeting" to embed one local ad appropriate for each viewer alongside three national ads in each hour of programming. The deal is a welcome one for affiliates, which have feared being on the losing end as networks move their content online.

ABC's AOL Pact Marks Web's Growing TV Allure -

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