Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Elegant iPod Touch (BusinessWeek)

I continue to be amazed by Apple being successful with deliberately dumbed-down products.  Sure, I suppose I could buy an iPod Touch and then find some clever hacks to work-around the Apple app restrictions etc., but that would almost certainly leave me with a no-update-option device.  I'll wait for a similar device with a software platform that doesn't include dictatorial vendor constraints.

Apple's marketing mavens are very clever folks, and I'm sure that all of the decisions over what to include and what to leave off result from careful calculations. The omissions I've described probably won't make a dent in the soon-to-be explosive sales of the Touch. Still, it's a shame Apple has delivered such a beautiful and well-conceived piece of hardware with locked-down software that makes it far less useful than it could be.

The Elegant iPod Touch

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