Monday, November 21, 2005 - TiVo Plans to Allow Unlimited TV-Show Downloads to iPods - TiVo Plans to Allow Unlimited TV-Show Downloads to iPods "TiVo is expected to announce a plan today to let users of its popular digital video recorders download any TV show stored on their TiVo boxes onto iPods. The move, which TiVo is making without Apple Computer Inc.'s involvement, has the potential to greatly expand the selection of shows iPod users can watch on their devices beyond such fare as "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," the two hit series from Disney's ABC network that Apple is selling for $1.99 an episode through its iTunes Music Store. TiVo's plan is rankling some TV executives as the networks seek to habituate users to pay to download shows, beyond what they may already pay for cable or satellite-TV service.
TiVo plans to begin testing software that enables the video downloads to iPods within the next couple of weeks and to make it widely available to TiVo users in the first quarter of next year for a one-time fee, most likely between $15 and $30. An Apple spokesman declined to comment on TiVo's plans."

No doubt Apple will move to block this...

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