Wednesday, November 09, 2005 - Microsoft Revamp For Online Push Gains Urgency - Microsoft Revamp For Online Push Gains Urgency "Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates has endorsed a radical reshaping of how his company develops software and services, citing an internal memo that says much about the challenges Microsoft faces, and underscores the rise of an emerging technical leader at the company.
The core of Mr. Gates's email, which was examined by The Wall Street Journal, is a memo from Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief technology officer, who describes some of Microsoft's missed opportunities and also tips a hat to companies such as Google Inc., Inc., Skype Technologies SA and other start-ups that have pioneered Internet services."

Also watch for an excellent Ray Ozzie interview in ACM Queue, which annoyingly publishes in print, sometimes days or weeks, before posting on its web site. Weirdly, both versions are free; you can sign up for the print version at the link above. Note that there are also some outstanding data/DBMS/XML articles in the latest web issue.

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