Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Connexion by Boeing: blogging from 38,000 feet

Connexion by Boeing: blogging from 38,000 feet I'm flying to Boston from Frankfurt at the moment, in steerage (seat 55J, which SeatGuru helpfully pointed out is a seat that's relatively less awful than others in coach) on a Lufthansa 747. I couldn't resist the chance to test Connexion, so I signed up for the $9.95/30 minutes option (the other option was $29.95 for the entire flight).

The performance is okay but not great -- Notes 7.0 is working fine, but I have hunch Outlook 2003 would struggle if I launched VPN tried to check my Exchange email; I've noticed Outlook 2003 is still somewhat bandwidth variability intolerant (although it's much improved from earlier releases of Outlook).

Of course, Lufthansa planes don't have in-seat power in coach, so this experiment will be brief, since I have several hours to go and need to get some work done before I deplete my battery collection...

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