Monday, November 14, 2005 Windows is Unreliable: Compared to What? Windows is Unreliable: Compared to What?: "Here's my experience, all this week.
A Linux-based DVR crashed. The only way to deal with the problem is to unplug the machine, let it spin down, then replug and wait an extended period while it both reboots and re-downloads scheduling. No error messages, it just starts tuning to the wrong channels.
A Symbian-based cell phone runs out of memory. No warning, it just runs out -- and basically stops working. Deleting files on the phone doesn't help, because it can't function once it runs out of memory. So, you need to delete files on your PC and re-syncrhonze.
A Palm OS-based cell phone locks up. Rebooting requires removing the battery.
A RIM Blackberry, with its Java-based custom OS, reboots when attempting to sync email while changing cell sites.
We attempted to add two accounts to our hosted system, but it's billing system defaulted to a different address than was entered and attempted to cancel our account. "

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