Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Will Sleepycat Save MySQL?

Will Sleepycat Save MySQL? "What MySQL is likely up to should be fairly obvious to anybody with knowledge of database history, however. To wit: It's extremely likely that they're hard at work with Sleepycat to cook up a storage engine to replace InnoDB. Unless technical or business issues arise, there's a good chance we'll see an announcement early next year.
"If I were the MySQL guys, I would be terrified that that engine was owned by somebody like Oracle," said Mike Stonebraker, father of Ingres and PostgreSQL and, more recently, founder and chief technology officer of newly launched StreamBase.
"My terror would be that they would ignore it and simply put it on the shelf, or, worse yet, start charging high license fees for it. It seems like there's only downside," Stonebraker said. "If I were the MySQL guys I would want to get off that storage engine as quickly as possible.""

Interesting conjecture.

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