Friday, November 25, 2005

Microsoft Ups the Console Ante - New York Times

Microsoft Ups the Console Ante - New York Times "But lush visuals were expected. There are two surprises that really make the Xbox 360 exciting, and that should deeply trouble Nintendo and Sony, the once-dominant game companies that Microsoft wants to take out like Netscape.
First, the system does a great job of elegantly harnessing the Internet to create what will soon be a global gaming community. Microsoft clearly hopes that the Xbox 360 can become the Friendster or MySpace of gaming, and it has a good chance to succeed. Connected to a cable modem or DSL line, the system even allows users to make free unlimited phone calls to other Xbox owners.
Second, and forgetting about games entirely, the Xbox 360 is the first product to truly deliver on the concept of the easy-to-use living room home-media hub."

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