Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A discussion of what's new in Access 12 : Overview of Access 12

A discussion of what's new in Access 12 : Overview of Access 12 "There are 3 key goals for Access 12. First, dramatically expand the number of people who are successful using Access by making it much easier to build databases from scratch and by including a range ready to go solutions in the box that can be used as they are or modified as required. Second, make existing Access developers more efficient by improving the design tools without losing any of the power that Access provides today. Third, enable a whole new class of collaborative database applications around Windows SharePoint Services.
Collaborative Database Apps on SharePoint

Office 12 has continued its strong bet on SharePoint, and Access brings the power of a real database the reach of SharePoint. This enables 2 key things. First SharePoint provides a great place to put Access data ? data can either live in SharePoint lists linked back to the Access UI, or the entire Access file can simply be stored in SharePoint. In either case, IT can find, manage, and back up the data, and so gains a lot more control over corporate data. Second, Access applications can now take advantage of the reach and collaborative workflow provided by SharePoint. SharePoint can even provide a hub to coordinate the power of Access, FrontPage, and InfoPath."

See the full post for more on Access + collab stuff.

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