Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Tablet Ready for Prime Time

A Tablet Ready for Prime Time: "Tablets have found a market with people in specialized jobs who use them as electronic clipboards for filling out forms and other tasks. But that's not where the mass market lies. For most people, these devices will serve mainly as conventional laptops. Only when specific tasks demand it will users swivel the screens around and write on them with a stylus. I have tried several of these 'convertible' tablets, and the problem they all share is their mediocrity as notebooks. The value added by the tablet features isn't enough to justify the purchase.
The difference in the $1,899 ThinkPad X41 Tablet is that it began life as the ThinkPad X41, which I regard as the best notebook in its class by far. And interestingly, while it was developed at IBM and carries the IBM brand, the X41 Tablet is in fact the first ThinkPad to hit the market since Lenovo Group acquired IBM's PC division in May."

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