Monday, June 20, 2005

lenn?: Skyping and Blogging from 40,000 Feet

lenn?: Skyping and Blogging from 40,000 Feet: "Ok, I know I am not the first one to write this post, but the miracle of in flight WiFi just kind of leaves a geek giddy with excitement. I am above the Baltic sea right now just having left Copenhagen on SAS to Tokyo Narita. I don't ever want to fly again without this. Called Melissa and was able to Skype for free from the cabin. Add in SAS's forward and bottom view cameras and I don't think I have ever flown an airline this innovative. Connexion by Boeing ... the killer app for Skype."

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Ed Brill said...

I found there to be too much latency for it to be worthwhile when I did the same on a Lufthansa flight back in February.