Saturday, June 25, 2005

Microsoft Announces RSS Support in Longhorn, IE 7

Microsoft Announces RSS Support in Longhorn, IE 7: "Longhorn will feature RSS technologies in three key areas. First, the IE 7.0 Web browser in Longhorn will make it easy to discover RSS feeds (i.e., Web sites that offer syndicated, or subscription-based, versions of their content), then view and subscribe to those feeds. Second, Microsoft will add pervasive APIs directly to Longhorn so that developers can take advantage of RSS in their own applications. Third, the company will create a new set of RSS extensions, called Simple List Extensions, that will make it easier for Web sites to publish as RSS feeds lists such as music playlists or top 10 lists.
IE 7.0's RSS features seem to be similar to the RSS support that Apple Computer built into its Safari Web browser in Mac OS X Tiger, which Apple released in April. When you navigate to a Web site that includes an RSS feed, you'll see an illuminated icon in the toolbar. Click that icon, and the RSS feed will be displayed in the browser using 'pretty views,' Schare told me. You can then subscribe to the feed, which will add the subscription to a Common Feed List that's similar to but separate from IE's Favorites list."

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