Monday, June 27, 2005

Chris_Pratley's OneNote WebLog : Using OneNote on two or more machines

Chris_Pratley's OneNote WebLog : Using OneNote on two or more machines: "One question I hear pretty often is: 'hey, I have two machines with OneNote - how do I keep my notes in sync?' There are a lot of ways to do this. In some ways it depends on what your needs are. After all, what doesn't?
First, be certain that you have Sp1 of OneNote. Use Help/Get Updates to check if you are not sure. SP1 has some adjustments to perform better when using files across multiple machines.
Next, decide if you want to sync all your notes or just have a portion of your notebook available on both machines.
Next decide if you need to have the notes accessible when you do not have access to your network.
Now, here are some typical ways"...

Interesting snapshot. Curious that Chris Pratley didn't include Groove in his list; two people who commented on the post did, however.

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Anonymous said...

If only OneNote were an OLE server. Then one could embed it in a Lotus Notes database and replicate. Aside from the inherent coolness of such a solution, the naming possibilities alone are worth doing it. "OneNote To Notes, Redmond Notes, Blue Notes" would be my choice ;-)