Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mobile e-mail | The CrackBerry backlash |

Mobile e-mail | The CrackBerry backlash | "THE BlackBerry, an iconic pocket-sized e-mail device, has millions of devoted fans—but increasingly has its critics, too. “My wife has banned me from using it at weekends,” moans one technology industry executive. At a recent technology conference organised by The Economist, the question of “CrackBerry” dependency, rather than grid computing or web services, was one of the hottest topics. The winner of the British version of “The Apprentice”, a reality TV show, has admitted that his wife has threatened to flush his BlackBerry down the toilet. Meanwhile bosses grumble that nobody pays attention in meetings any more, because they are so busy doing e-mail under the table. It takes over your life! It ruins your marriage! It distracts you at work! The BlackBerry backlash, it seems, has begun."

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