Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Redmond | Feature Article: It's Groove Baby!

Redmond | Feature Article: It's Groove Baby!: "Redmond: What are some of the high level issues you want to address with Exchange?
Ozzie: Microsoft has a broad variety of assets ranging from Hotmail to Smartphones to different forms of communication and collaboration, Groove, Live Meeting and things like that. I hope to bring a unifying influence from the perspective of both the user and the IT administrator who wants to use these things in conjunction with one another.
Redmond: How do you bring about that unification?
Ozzie: [Part of my role] is to help Groove get integrated. But my primary role is separate from any given product group. As part of Bill's staff, I am attempting to influence those different groups with a comprehensive vision strategy. "

Very timely and interesting interview.

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