Thursday, August 28, 2003

Wired News: Adult Women Like to Play Games

Wired News: Adult Women Like to Play Games "Challenging the stereotype of video gaming as the domain of teenage boys, an industry group reported on Tuesday that more adult women than young boys are playing games. Not only that, but the average age of players has risen to 29.
A poll released by the Entertainment Software Association and conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates found that 26 percent of game players are women 18 or older, while 21 percent are boys 6 to 17.
Video gaming traditionally has been seen as the province of teen boys locked in dark rooms, twitching away at game consoles. In recent years, however, the industry has worked to publish games catering to kids, women and older gamers.
In line with that trend, adults over 50 now make up 17 percent of the gaming population, the ESA said, compared with 13 percent three years ago.
The largest group of gamers, at 38 percent, is comprised of men 18 and up, while girls 6 to 17 account for 12 percent of game players, the poll found."

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