Wednesday, August 13, 2003

This just in from Liz on

This just in from Liz on
"First Xeni Jardin goes on NPR, and now we're in The Onion.
Things are heating up in the social networking space. Especially the The scene. Migration from Friendster is slow, but picking up steam.
I can't wait till Friendster decides to start charging.
I'm actually having fun on The next thing you know, they'll start posting publicly stated policies and flip the switch on actual beta iterations - caused by listening to's Listings service could well end up being the first web services for social software. I really think Mark Pincus is gonna pull it off. But he's got to make sure to balance any web service he offers, with allowing other web services into HIS world (the could imagine a wide range of consumer Internet services - like digital downloading, photo printing, on-line gaming, tournaments, contests, all sorts of stuff - being available - as part of your 'social network'.The digital lifestyle deserves cool things. Automatically.Think Technorati for jukeboxes, for restaurant reviews and TypePad for interactive media."

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