Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Atom validates as RDF

THIS JUST IN - Atom validates as RDF!
"How come it takes a teenager to point out the most obvious stuff? Or shall I say "of course, it's a teenager who groks this....."
Atom and RDF.
Aaron Swartz has surprised everyone by pointing out that the Atom format in the recent snapshot is virtually RDF. This has triggered a flurry of activity on the mailing list. Sam Ruby has demos, and a rapidly expanding list of comments.
The proof of RDF is in the graph, and what's claimed to be the first visual diagram of the Atom data model is the result of sending one of the example feeds to the W3C's RDF Validator. [Formerly Echo]

For those of you who aren't nerdy enough to recognize this chart shown above, this is an RDF graph output from the W3C's validator. But what makes THIS particular graph so interesting is that it's of a kosher (n)echo-Atom feed. That's pretty important.
If there could be a formal way of flowing RDF meta-data directly out through an Atom feed - well then all sorts of riga mah-roll can go away. One would just sit there with a schema editor and punch out new micro-content data types and the cows will have plenty of tiem to get home by dinner.
Of course those who wish to keep their heads down in the sand, and focus on simple usage of RSS 2.0 syndication - don't have to worry about all this. RSS 2.0 will still work, and RSS 2.0 extensions will still work. This post is all about graphs, triples, the semantic web and RDF.
But it's all cool - just chill. It's just that over here on this side of the fence, heads are bonking up and down about this revelation."

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