Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Ed Brill: More Justin Knol on Lotus Workplace

Ed Brill: "It's interesting how much Justin is tracking the Lotus Workplace story. It seems from his latest postings that he's had the opportunity to view the Lotus strategy roadshow that is making its way through Australia. He's captured some good stuff about the story, as well as how customers will get there, in his two posts.
Yesterday, I learned from Beverly DeWitt (WebSphere Studio product manager) that WebSphere Studio Application Developer/Site Developer 5.1, which hit general availability on August 1, has some of the anticipated 'RAD for J2EE' features . For example:
Web Site Designer (a graphical hierarchy/page management interface)
a new tools palette that you drag/drop components
free-layout mode (x-y type of object placement)
enhanced attributes views
Quick Edit view (like Domino Deisgner's programmer's pane)
easier to use project navigator (like Domino Designer)"

(See Ed's post for live links; at the moment, I can only use the FeedDemon + w.bloggar combination to create truncated postings, so I reverted to the BlogThis! tool from IE for this post. I'm otherwise very pleased with FeedDemon, however, and have adopted it as my primary RSS reader. Newzcrawler was also very useful, but it has a few limitations that FeedDemon aptly addresses, and FeedDemon also has an excellent Office 2003-like user interface.)

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