Thursday, August 28, 2003

Microsoft Architect Touts SOAs

Microsoft Architect Touts SOAs: "Leading Microsoft architect Don Box said the world of services and service-oriented architectures will eclipse object-oriented programming as more developers become familiar with the technology.
Taking a cue from Brad Cox (inventor of the Objective C language), Box, XML architect with Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft, likened objects to software-based integrated circuits and said programmers would do better to focus on services. Box spoke at the XML Web Services One conference here.
'Very few people work in a chip plant, and they all wear hairnets,' Box quipped. 'There are so many more people who are needed to take the chips and put them onto boards.' "

Seems reasonable to me, but see ensuing controversy. I think the main point is that the ratio of object/component architects to application assemblers is shifting, and I see that as a signal that object/component-oriented development is succeeding by making app dev much more accessible to a larger group of developers (using scripting/SOA/etc. tools).

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