Friday, August 08, 2003

It's Hot Potato Season: Call In the String Bikinis

It's Hot Potato Season: Call In the String Bikinis: "It's not surprising that video game developers would be drawn to a sport that frequently features young women jumping in bikinis: four beach volleyball games have been introduced to console gamers in the last year alone. Yet making an exciting volleyball game is not as easy as making half-dressed women jump up and down in the sand.
Until recently, I was not optimistic about the potential for beach volleyball video games. Last year, for example, I quickly tired of Beach Spikers, which had bikini-clad women but uninspired game play.
Then came Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball, perhaps the oddest game to be released this year in the United States. In Xtreme, a group of bikinied martial arts combatants from the Dead or Alive fighting game series are stranded on an island with nothing to do except shop and play volleyball. Much of the game involved tedious purchases of gifts for the other women so they would like you enough to play with you."

There's some kind of evolutionary thing going on here, but I'm not sure we should be happy about it...

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