Thursday, August 21, 2003

The Register: Outlook Express: dead, not dead, or just deadly?

The Register: Outlook Express: dead, not dead, or just deadly? "The bottom line, we reckon, is approximately as follows. Outlook Express is effectively on its way to the morgue, because nobody loves or wants it. It will therefore go into some form of maintenance in the hope that it gently withers away. But if Microsoft says this, lots of people will howl and competitors may jump in. So "Microsoft will continue its innovation around the email experience in Windows" (which you'll notice is a wondrous way of not quite committing to develop Outlook Express) while Express itself will mysteriously not get significantly better."

Outlook 2003 is going to make this decision a lot simpler; it is a huge improvement over Outlook 2002 (in Office XP), in terms of user experience, features, performance, robustness, and security-related issues.

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