Monday, August 04, 2003 Domino blogs: Collaboration's next frontier? Domino blogs: Collaboration's next frontier?: "Lotus is getting into the blogging game, too. Lotus marketing manager Ed Brill, who uses DominoBlog for his own personal blog, said Lotus is contemplating a white paper about the benefits of blogging in Domino, including the software's replication features.
Lotus, which developed its own Notes/Domino blogging templates for Brill's marketing department, has not officially endorsed DominoBlog, BlogSphere, FreeDom Blog (from, or any other blogging templates for use with Domino.
Brill noted, however, that two IBM Lotus business partners, Connectria Corp. and Domino Developer Network Inc., are now offering blog-hosting services. "

I would gladly move to a Notes R6-based blogging tool if I found one that combines simplicity, structure (e.g., content categorization), and seamless blogger API support (e.g., ability to use an IE favorite to blog in context a la BlogThis!).

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