Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Microsoft Embraces Modeling

Microsoft Embraces Modeling: "We have clearly model-based programming in Visual Studio today with the Visio designer,' said Eric Rudder, Microsoft's senior vice president of servers and tools, in an interview with eWEEK. 'And we will take quite a leap forward in [Whidbey]. Whitehorse will ship as part of Whidbey, and you'll see integration, not just of better tools for UML modeling, but also some of the beginnings of the vision that we started to articulate around SDM [System Definition Model].'
To fuel its drive into modeling, Microsoft has been amassing a core of top-level UML and modeling talent, just as the company has done in XML and Web services, sources said. Over the past year, Microsoft has hired a series of UML experts, including four who previously worked for Rational: Jochen Seemann, Wojtek Kozaczynski, Jack Greenfield and Ed Eykholt."

I hope they fix their data modeling tools as well; the current data modeling templates in Visio leave much to be desired.

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