Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Kindle Tablet Drum Roll - Technology Review

Excerpt from “Kindle tablet” analysis

So, ultimately, what is this new device?

From the report, it doesn't really appear to be taking the iPad on directly. If anything, it's more of a Nook Color competitor than an iPad competitor. Siegler says the device doesn't even have a camera, ruling out a whole set of important activities an iPad user can engage in. There's a web browser on the device, but Siegler almost mentions it as an afterthought; he makes no mention of an email client. This doesn't appear to be the traveling businessperson's tool that the iPad has become for so many. This new Kindle is a tablet that clearly emphasizes consumption over creation.

Instead, the smartest assessment of what this device I've seen yet comes from a TC commenter named Sandhya Hegde (the Facebook account linked to her comment associates her with Stanford, McKinsey & Company, and Sequoia Capital). " These guys know exactly what they are doing," she writes: "making themselves irreplaceable in the lives of literate e-commerce junkies."

The Kindle Tablet Drum Roll - Technology Review

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