Friday, May 06, 2011

Office VP - Email: So yesterday? [Microsoft Office Blog]

A timely email market reality check; see the post link below for more details. 

According to some news reports, teens and the tech-savvy don't care for email so much these days. Some recent headlines may even have you think that the death of email is imminent, now that social networking, instant messaging, texting, and other tools are ever-present.

We see evidence every day, however, that email is still a key means of communication. Rather than rely on our own experience, we asked MarketTools Inc., to help us understand the use of email, social tools, and other means of communication in the office by conducting an independent online survey of 1,268 professionals and students, age 18 and older. Here's what we found out in the research:


Graph showing results of survey on communication methods

Office VP - Email: So yesterday?

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