Thursday, February 10, 2011 Why We Brought my6sense to via Chrome

my6sense moves beyond iPhones and Android phones; see the post link below for more details from my6sense marketing VP Louis Gray (my current “digital intuition level” is merely “excelling,” but I’m working on it…)

If you understand our focus - to implicitly determine your interests based on those items you read and skip, or act on in the interface (such as favorites, retweets, replies, etc.), you know we are trying to reduce the amount of time you spend culling through updates that aren't of interest to you. When people see the difference between the chronologically ordered timeline and the personally ordered timeline from my6sense, the difference is clear. Sometimes the stream may toss up surprises or items that aren't a clear fit, but no software is perfect. The good news is that we're listening to all the feedback, positive and negative, and hoping to make a real impact on the way we all consume and share content.
I hope you'll try our new extension and see how we can improve your experience by bringing the best updates from your friends and brands to the top. You can find the Chrome extension at Why We Brought my6sense to via Chrome

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