Thursday, February 03, 2011

Honeycomb Is The First Shot Fired Along Apple’s Bow [TechCrunch]

Excerpt from another battle-of-the-super-slates preview

Honeycomb changes this and brings the Android tablet to nearly the same level as the iPad with a robust backed-in feature set. Everything from the totally redesigned the UI with live multitasking, mulitple tool bars and a whole host of new apps is different from iOS. It’s by far the most dramatic update since the Android platform launched and in many ways, it looks and works totally different from anything else currently on the market.

Even the Android Market got a fresh set whitewash. The new web version packs features that allows developers to better promote and describe their wares just in a similar fashion as iTunes. The web version even allows users to buy apps online, which will then automatically download to the phone or tablet.

Honeycomb Is The First Shot Fired Along Apple’s Bow

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