Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Apple Tightens Rule on E-Book App Developers -

Watch for a “Pay 30% more as a gift to Apple” option in a future version of the Kindle clients for iOS (that would of course be in addition to the increased prices you’re already paying because of Apple’s iBook store deals with publishers, which forced Amazon to raise prices)

Apple confirmed Tuesday that it would require app developers that sell e-books outside of their iPad and iPhone apps — through a Web site, for example — to also sell the books inside those apps. And purchases that originate in the app must be made through Apple, which keeps a 30 percent cut.

Apple said it was newly enforcing an existing rule, one that will force Amazon, Sony, Google and other e-book sellers to change the way their apps work.

Apple Tightens Rule on E-Book App Developers -

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