Thursday, January 06, 2011

Microsoft Wows CES Crowd With Windows 7-Powered Tablets [Mashable]

More details – but the new ASUS is still the only new Windows 7 tablet/slate I’ve seen so far (the dual-screen Acer also looks pretty cool…)

At tonight’s keynote, Microsoft exec Mike Angiulo showed off a slew of tablets with intriguing and varied form factors. We saw touchscreens, slide-out keyboards, dual-screen machines, stylus-friendly tablets and more. In fact, the crowd was so impressed that it kept interrupting the presentation with applause.

In a word, none of these looks or feels like an iPad. Each Windows-powered tablet is unique, made with a different kind of user in mind. Most of these devices are more appropriate with content creators than just content consumers — that would include designers, people who need to do heavy text entry, etc. These are tablets made for people who might not have wanted an iPad, anyhow.

Microsoft Wows CES Crowd With Windows 7-Powered Tablets

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