Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MobileNoter vs OneNote for iPhone

MobileNoter perspectives on how their offering compares to the Microsoft OneNote Mobile for iPhone client; see the link below for the rest of their criteria and some additional notes.  My $.02: if you want to work with OneNote notebooks on an iPad or Android smartphone, MobileNoter has some compelling capabilities, but I think the company will have a difficult time competing with OneNote Mobile for iPhone, at least for OneNote users who are primarily interested in basic note-taking and personal information management on an iPhone or iPod touch.

Microsoft has released their own OneNote client for iPhone (though it's available in USA only and can be installed only on devices with iOS 4.2) and we decided to compare it to MobileNoter.

Let's figure out what features Microsoft's app has in comparison to ours.


(Check the link below for the rest of the table)

MobileNoter vs OneNote for iPhone

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