Friday, January 07, 2011

Category Results for Tablets on Microsoft Store

If you’re tempted to purchase a new Windows 7-based slate, as I am (primarily for use with OneNote 2010), check the Microsoft store link below; the MS Store devices come with a “Microsoft signature” Windows configuration which, from this page, is described as follows:

With Microsoft Signature, you get rock-solid PC performance, great security, and first-class support. After installing Windows 7, we removed the trial software that can slow down your PC, installed applications you really use, and tuned them to work together seamlessly. Combine that with world-class security to help eliminate viruses and spyware, and 90 days of technical support, and you’ve got the best PC experience ever, right out of the box.


Still no precise ship date for the ASUS slate (which is currently holding at #3 in the Amazon computers & accessories top 100 list); tempting…

Category Results for Tablets on Microsoft Store

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