Friday, January 14, 2011

BBC News - Facebook's potential 'unlimited'

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David Kirkpatrick has written 'The Facebook Effect', a book about the company; he spoke to BBC Business Daily's Justin Rowlatt:

David Kirkpatrick: I think anyone who wants to pin an exact value on it, is somewhat guessing, but I don't think it's insane to say that it could be worth 50bn or even by the time even a year or two rolls around 100bn, the company's earning potential is almost unlimited. And the reason why it has not shown such huge revenue and profit numbers up to now, is primarily just because Zuckerburg has always taken an attitude that he wanted to delay, what is called monetization, until the farthest possible moment, putting an emphasis instead on user growth.

One thing about Facebook that a lot of people don't realise is that Facebook has two distinct types of advertising already, that they're already selling in large quantity, and they have a whole bunch of commerce businesses that are being built around their so called credits product, and where this is evident so far is in the gaming business.

BBC News - Facebook's potential 'unlimited'

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