Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 Reasons Why There is Hope for Windows Tablets | Newsome.Org

An excerpt from a perspective with which I agree, but I wonder to what extent it represents a minority opinion, and if Apple and/or the Android device community will be able to make their devices broadly useful for consumption + creation faster than the Microsoft ecosystem can deliver compelling post-PC mobile devices with sufficient battery life and post-PC app ecosystem support (again via Louis Gray (via Buzz))

iPads are great for consuming content.  They are very, very bad for creating content.  Sure, you can read a Word document, but anything more than minor revisions are extremely difficult.  Tracked changes (which are mandatory in corporate America)?  Forget it.  Microsoft keeps hinting that it may one day bring Office to the iPad, and maybe if Microsoft does blow the Windows-based tablet opportunity, it will.  As plan B.  Because I think the fact that it hasn’t yet is very telling: as slow and insular as Microsoft can be, even an old dog knows that Office on a tablet- in any semi-workable form- would be a good selling point.

Consuming is one thing.  But creation is king.

3 Reasons Why There is Hope for Windows Tablets | Newsome.Org

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