Monday, September 06, 2010

Mark Hurd, Former H.P. Chief, May Move to Oracle -

More Hurd mentality speculation.  tbd if HP included a revised non-compete agreement in its generous severance plan.

Oracle, which Mr. Ellison founded 30 years ago, is the world’s largest database software maker; Mr. Ellison has been its only chief executive. For years, the company has been a close partner with H.P., which sells computing systems and services to corporations. But since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, in a deal that closed early this year, Oracle and H.P. have become competitors in the market for computer hardware.

The purchase of Sun caught a number of Oracle’s investors off guard, since the company had avoided the hardware market in the past.

At H.P., Mr. Hurd helped steer mammoth computer server, storage and services businesses. Such expertise could come in handy as Oracle continues to try to digest Sun. In particular, Mr. Hurd built a reputation as a cost-cutting whiz and could apply those skills to bringing the Sun business in line.

Mark Hurd, Former H.P. Chief, May Move to Oracle -

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