Thursday, September 09, 2010

Like It or Not, Twitter Has Become a News Platform [GigaOm]

Check the link below for examples and consider the overall information value-add equation in this context; I for one am not convinced it’s a good trade-off (immediacy for questionable information quality/integrity)

The thread that ties all of these events together is simple: Twitter, like blogging did before it, puts the tools of publishing in anyone’s hands. And yes, that means the information flowing through the network is not always accurate — hoaxes are a routine part of the stream — but it also means that there are thousands more eyeballs and brains studying those reports than there would be at any mainstream media outlet. The bottom line is one that journalism professor Jay Rosen reiterated during a recent address to journalism students in Paris: the “people formerly known as the audience” have the tools to become part of the media now, and that is changing our society in ways that we are only beginning to appreciate.

Like It or Not, Twitter Has Become a News Platform «

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