Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dell Unveils a Convertible Tablet -

Think different – Inspiron Duo available later this year

Dell over the summer released a gadget called the Streak with a five-inch display—compared with 10 inches for the iPad—based on Google's Android operating system and a microprocessor from ARM Holdings. The forthcoming device shown at Intel's developer forum matched the iPad's screen size and approximate shape, but runs Microsoft Windows and a dual-processor version of Intel's Atom chip.

Dave Zavelson, a senior manager of product marketing ultra mobile products team, described it as "the world's most powerful 10-inch Windows tablet."

But the real surprise came at the end of the demonstration when Mr. Zavelson picked up the device, did an unusual spinning motion and revealed a full keyboard—essentially turning the device into a standard laptop.

Photo from a related Engadget article:

Dell Unveils a Convertible Tablet -

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