Thursday, August 05, 2010

Let’s Celebrate Google’s Biggest Failures! [Search Engine Land]

Check the full post for a list of discontinued Google products/services

Which products might face a failure celebration next. Some thoughts:

Orkut: Back before Facebook, Google was already playing the social networking game with Orkut, launched in January 2004. Over six years later, Orkut is big in Brazil, India and Iran (if I recall correctly). That’s pretty much it. Even in Brazil and India, Facebook may be edging it out.

Google Knol: Google’s semi-challenger to Wikipedia doesn’t appear to have gained much traction since it was formally launched in July 2008.

Google Sidewiki: Google’s tool that allows anyone to add comments to any web site appears to be little used. It was launched in September 2009.

Google Buzz: Google’s supposed challenger to Twitter, Facebook and even Foursquare had a deeply flawed launch in February 2010 and quickly caused the company to come under fire for privacy concerns.

Let’s Celebrate Google’s Biggest Failures!

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