Friday, August 06, 2010

Google Won’t Violate Net Neutrality if It Can Redefine It First | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

This probably is not a fun week to work in Google PR; see the link below for more paradoxical quotes etc.

It’s surprising then to hear that Google, a longtime advocate of the principle, supports this compromise, though perhaps that shouldn’t be such a surprise, given the company’s close business relationship with Verizon (a leading Android carrier), its faux-altruism, and its shifting definition of net neutrality, which CEO Eric Schmidt helpfully laid out for us yesterday at the Techonomy conference.

“People get confused about net neutrality,” he said. “I want to make sure that everybody understands what we mean about it. What we mean is that if you have one data type, like video, you don’t discriminate against one person’s video in favor of another. It’s OK to discriminate across different types.”

A helpful clarification, particularly for folks who’ve read some of Schmidt’s other commentary on this issue.

Google and Verizon Become Allies in Network Neutrality Legislation | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

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