Sunday, August 08, 2010

BBC News - Living life in augmented reality

A mobile phone/augmented reality game from Heroes creator Tim Kring; check this FAQ for more about the game, sponsor, and goals

Players are guided around London by clues from mysterious characters encountered on the streets - played by actors - and special painted tags which reveal further clues when the phone's camera is pointed at them.

Lester Madden of Augmented Planet explains how augmented reality games like Conspiracy For Good work.

"Augmented reality is about two things. The first is image recognition, used to identify QR codes [2D barcodes]. The second is the presentation of data to users through use of the camera, taking into account the user's GPS location."

As Tim explains, this technology has been crucial to the interactivity of Conspiracy For Good.

BBC News - Living life in augmented reality

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